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Company Introduction
Hobart Food Equipment Co., Ltd. belongs to ITW Food Equipment Group. Being the leader of catering equipment market, supports our customers to improve catering service quality, increase efficiency, innovate their service model and generate more economic and social returns. Currently the company has 22 branches throughout the country. And two brands: HOBART and FOSTER.

HOBART is the first manufacturer of commercial dishwashers to introduce advanced food hygiene concepts into China, providing clean and health protection for Chinese consumers, and a full range of warewashing equipment for high-end hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, air catering and other agencies, as well as conveying, classification, waste disposal and other relevant solutions.

HOBART also has a long history for providing commercial food processing equipment. Since 1903, slicers, mixers, meat choppers, meat saws, peelers, food cutters, cutter mixers and food processors have been provided, being used in hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, public agencies, air & marine catering and retail industries, to meet a variety of food processing needs.

FOSTER brand was built in the United Kingdom in 1968, focusing on safe food preservation technology, is committed to providing a variety of food chilling, freezing, thawing, quick-freezing storage and display devices, and always maintains the leader position in the commercial catering refrigeration industry.